Library Advisory Cell


01. Prof.(Dr.) K. P. Sinha  


02. Dr. Sweta Bala


03. Dr. Nawnit Kumar

Member (Teacher)

04. Shri Avishek Kumar Sinha

Member (Non-Teaching)


Since the Library has to cater to the needs of variety of clientele such as faculty,  research scholars, post graduate and under graduate students, institute administrators as well as specialists and non teaching institute staff, a wide range of subject fields are to be represented in our book stock with prime thrust for meeting the needs of students and faculty members. Besides this, for smooth functioning of the library and safe guarding the interest of all sections of the library users, formation of policies, rules & regulations and implementing the library policies in a judicious manner, an infrastructure is needed for the library. To meet the all the above objectives the Central Library is advised by a Library Advisory Committee with the following constitution and representatives.   

Constitution & Functions

(i) The committee shall consist of the following members :

  • A Senior Professor to be nominated by the Director as Chairman.
  • One Faculty representative from each Academic Deptt/Centre, generally the Faculty-in-Charge of the Departmental Library.
  • Three representatives each from UG, PG and Research Scholars to be nominated by Students’ Association.
  • Librarian – Member Secretary.

(ii) In addition to the composition specified in (i) above, the Chairman of the Senate may make an additional nomination to the Committee.

(iii) The Chairman of the Committee shall be appointed by the Director from amongst the Professors. The tenure of the Chairman shall not exceed three years.

(iv) Faculty members on the Committee other than its Chairman shall serve on the Committee for two years. However, student-members shall serve for one year only.

(v) The Committee shall meet atleast four times in an academic year with 50% of its membership consisting a quorum.

(vi) The duties and functions of the Committee shall be as under :-

  • To consider policy matters regarding Central Library/Departmental libraries including the policy for procurement of books and journals and render advice to the Purchase Committee for Library procurements.
  • To look into day to day problems of the Library clientele, Library staff and send recommendations to the Board for the desired decision.
  • To supervise the allocation and utilization of funds for different departments for purchase of books and journals for the Central and Departmental libraries.
  • To maintain liaison between Central Library and various Academic Departments for the purchase of networking of Departmental libraries with the Central Library.
  • To consider and put forward the views of faculty members regarding books/journals selection, ordering process etc.
  • To consider and put forward the views of students and Research Scholars regarding their problems and solutions sought thereof.